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- EmailLargeFile service does not allow storage or transfer of any illegal, explicit or pornographic materials.
- Do not attempt to send unlawful information or perform any illegal actions via this site. Any unlawful activity will be reported to appropriate authorities.
- The site is not designed or recommended for use as a permanent file storage. Please ask your recipients to retrieve the information as soon as possible.
- We make our best to deliver e-mail to all requested recipients, unless the address is included in either global block lists or our opt-out list.
- Up to 50 files can be sent per day. This and other limitations may be removed in the paid version of the site.
- We do not send email submitted by unregistered users to .GOV email addresses.
- EmailLargeFile.com data transfer is encrypted via 256-bit AES SSL certificate.
- Since EmailLargeFile.com is open to general public, the site owners cannot be held responsible for the content or validity of the information submitted or transferred via this site.
- The site owners are not responsible for mistyped, misfiled, or misdirected information.
- Both Senders and Recipients are responsible for checking any and all transferred files for viruses and malware using appropriate tools and agree not to hold the site owners responsible for checking files.
- We reserve our right to provide ToU violators and their related data including e-mail addresses to 3rd parties including but not limited to internet authorities and law enforcement organizations.
- We reserve our right to ban any e-mail or IP address from using our service for any reason without further explanation.

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